When Are Strawberries In Season?

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Strawberries are a delicious and refreshing treat enjoyed by many all year round. But when is their peak season? Strawberries grow in all climates, so their season depends on the region you are in. In the Northern hemisphere, strawberries are ripe between April and July. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, strawberries will be at their sweetest between October and January.

Although natural climate conditions can affect the time of harvest, it’s safe to say that Spring and Summer offer up a good selection of this ripe fruit! For those who opt for store-bought strawberries regardless of season, your best bet will be to choose plumper and pinker fruits with fresh green leaves as these will have higher sugar content. Enjoy!

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When is Strawberry Season?

Strawberry season is a highly anticipated time of the year for many berry enthusiasts, as it marks the start of warm weather and a variety of tasty treats. Depending on your location, strawberry season can occur anytime from April to July in the United States. Between this window of time, people can visit local farms and pick out freshly picked strawberries for a classic homemade dessert or simply eat them as an afternoon snack.

Additionally, grocery stores also tend to have shelves full with plump and juicy strawberries during this time. Whether it’s bakery-made delights or leisurely harvesting at a farm, strawberry season is one to look forward to!

Let’s Talk About Sweet and Delicious Strawberry Season 

Ah, strawberry season! It’s the time of year when the sweet, juicy berries are ripe for the picking. Whether you’re a home gardener or a grocery shopper, it can be hard to know when strawberry season officially starts. But don’t worry we have all the information you need to ensure that you enjoy as many delicious strawberries as possible this summer! 

When Does Strawberry Season Begin? 

Strawberry season typically begins in May and runs through early July. In some areas, warm weather can cause strawberries to ripen earlier than expected; in cooler climates, however, they may take longer to ripen. If you want to pick your own strawberries, you’ll need to do some research beforehand to determine when your local strawberry season begins. You can also check with local farmers’ markets or u-pick farms to find out when they expect their strawberries to be ripe and ready for picking. 

How To Pick The Perfect Strawberries 

Once you’ve determined when your local strawberry season starts, it’s time to head out and start picking! When selecting your own strawberries, look for berries that are firm and plump with a bright red color. Avoid any strawberries that have soft spots or mold on them, these won’t taste as good once you get them home. Once you’ve picked the perfect batch of strawberries, don’t forget to wash them thoroughly before eating or cooking with them!   

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How to Keep Strawberries Fresh 

Now that you’ve got the perfect batch of strawberries, it’s important to know how to store them properly. Strawberries should be stored in a cool, dry place and eaten within two days of picking. If you don’t plan on eating the berries right away, freezing them is another great option. Simply wash the berries and pat them dry with a paper towel before placing them in an airtight container and storing them in your freezer for up to three months. 

Enjoying Strawberry Season 

Strawberry season is an exciting time of year for berry lovers! Whether you’re picking them from your local farmers’ market or grabbing a basket from the grocery store, make sure to enjoy as much strawberry goodness as you can this summer                                    

Strawberry Recipes To Try This Summer 

Now that you know when strawberry season is and how to pick the perfect berries, why not try out some new recipes? From classic strawberry shortcake, fresh strawberry pie and homemade jams/jellies to creative smoothie bowls and salads topped with fresh berries, there’s something for everyone this summer! Be sure to check online for new recipes every week so that you can make the most of your local strawberry harvest! 

Strawberry season is an exciting time of year for anyone who loves these sweet little fruits. With a little bit of research into your local growing conditions, along with some tips on how to pick the perfect berries and plenty of recipe ideas at your fingertips you’re sure to have a great time this summer enjoying all the deliciousness that comes with strawberry season! So grab your basket and head out into nature it’s time for some berry-picking fun!

When Is Strawberry Season

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